Regis Valentin vigneron en Pic Saint Loup

Regis Valentin...Oenology diploma

" When I was 20, I was convinced I could make superlative wines irrespective of the quality of the grapes. It didn’t take me long to realize the limits of technology and the importance of work in the vineyard”. Lesson heeded. From debudding to green harvesting and trellising, vineyard management is impeccable and farming methods less than low-input. From myriad different soil types, including limestone gravel, marl, colluviums and alluvium, his sole ambition is to elicit “the best”.
An achiever whose commitment is always 100 percent, he spends his free time racing through the countryside on his mountain bike. Then he takes a break, mulls his choices and fine tunes his work in the winery. “Tools in hand, I have to take what nature gives me and constantly strive to better my wines”. His style? Wines with crunchy fruit flavours, “abounding in freshness and balance”. His ethos? “To bring pleasure and emotion”. Despite this and numerous stars from the Guide Hachette, Régis Valentin’s feet are still firmly on the ground: “Creating is a dream, selling a reality”, he sums up. The driving force here is a love for the land and the wisdom it imparts in a vineyard where every single plot has a name."

Extract from Vignes et Vignerons ... en Pic Saint Loup from Florence Jaroniak and Sharon Nagel